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Five Cool (And Sometimes Creepy) Features You May Have Missed In iOS 5

November 16, 2011 Posted in Mobile by

We can all clearly see the sleeker notifications, the wireless syncing, and the improved maps that allows us to choose which route we take to sit in traffic for hours (writing from L.A. here), but who really read those 200 new features that flashed in front of the screen before anxiously hitting install? If you did read and have in fact explored all 200 of the new features, then no need to continue reading. But I’m going to assume most of us haven’t uncovered and experienced them all, so here is my list of five cool (and a few creepy) iOS 5 features you might have overlooked.

Why Tweeting is Becoming a Must — Twitter Integration with iOS 5

June 7, 2011 Posted in Mobile, Social Media by

Apple’s decision to integrate Twitter into the new iOS 5 will dramatically change apps, and most likely bring some changes to Twitter, too. Twitter has secured its position in the social media realm and traffic will surely increase. If there was any question whether or not to interact with potential customers via Twitter, you should have your answer now.