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Why Universities Fail At Teaching Internet Marketing

May 3, 2012 Posted in Copywriting, Internet, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Social Media by

Why Universities Fail At Teaching Internet Marketing
I recently graduated from university with a masters degree in Information Systems Management. This was a very exciting achievement for me, finishing university is something that not everyone has the opportunity to do. While I was attending I stumbled upon Internet marketing and everything that it entails. I was enthralled by it and read everything I could find. After I had read and studied about Internet marketing for about 8 months, I discovered that my university offered an Internet marketing class. I immediately signed up for it and imagined that it would be an awesome class where I would take my skills to the next level.

4 Tips for Producing Quality Content

May 25, 2011 Posted in Copywriting by

I read an article this week titled, “Creative Ideas for Writing Content” where the author listed a couple of lofty ideas to help his readers do one thing, write better. Unfortunately, the article could have been summed up by saying, “be more creative you boring dolt.” But that never works. Telling someone to think about the ocean differently doesn’t conjure inspiration.

Copy That Kills

April 2, 2011 Posted in Copywriting by

This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart since it’s a large part of what I do. And even though copy concerns nearly everyone, it hardly gets the attention required for clear, concise and meaningful content. It’s easy to get into this “churn and burn” mentality with work, where projects need to be completed before the deadline and the copy is left to the last minute. After all, it’s just a few sentences or paragraphs used to introduce a company, describe a product and fill up the blank spaces…right?