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Unique LRDs, C-Blocks, and High Volume Link Opportunities

June 19, 2012 Posted in SEO by

Unique LRDs, C-Blocks, and High Volume Link Opportunities
When Google looks to evaluate the authority of a site, it would much rather see 20 sites casting a digital vote for your site (which is really what linking is) than one site casting 20 digital votes. I’ve seen countless backlink profiles of sites with thousands of links originating from only a couple of dozen different sites, often the result of footer or sidebar links that perpetuate themselves every time a new page is created. If I could only use one metric when talking about a backlink portfolio’s health or when comparing two sites’ backlinks, I would use unique LRD’s over total links every time.

Forget Rankings! 8 Tips To Build Links That Make Money Directly

April 16, 2012 Posted in SEO by

SEO Link BuildingAs an SEO, it’s one thing to tell your boss or a client that you built some links of varying quality on various sites with varied anchor text which appear to be helping various rankings which pull in X amount of organic revenue. It’s quite different to say “I built a link that drove traffic and made $8,000.” The first statement will always sound a bit shaky. The second will always sound confident. With attribution becoming an increasingly hazy science, direct link revenue is really the only safe ground to stand on as a link builder.

The 6 Most Important Demand Curves To Master In Keyword Research

March 13, 2012 Posted in SEO by

The keywords that impact organic search revenues are often as complex as the business itself. Our ability to recognize that each keyword we target requires different tools to identify and different approaches to optimize can mean the difference between a successful SEO campaign and a failed campaign. As you try to visualize annual search volumes for a particular keyword more as one of many possible demand curves rather than a pure number, you’ll gain greater segmentation abilities and better optimization strategies.

SEO & PPC: The Facts on Integration, Cannibalism & Synergism

February 21, 2012 Posted in Search Engine Marketing by

One of Internet marketing’s important questions is whether it makes sense to put a marketing budget toward search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or both? You’ll find a mix of opinions on the issue. Some feel that adding PPC when a site is already ranking well organically creates unnecessary expensive cannibalism—paying for clicks that would have come for free through an organic ranking. Others believe in a synergistic effect that PPC has on organic traffic. So what is the right answer?

Social Media Myths Debunked… UNDEBUNKED!

January 30, 2012 Posted in Social Media by

Bright Oak Article: Social Media Myths Debunked... Undebunked
People love to use the word “debunked” in blog titles. At the time of this writing, there were 40,000 exact match results in Google for “social media myths debunked.” There’s just something heroically Mythbusterish about picking apart commonly-held social media beliefs. But what if it’s the debunkers who need “debunking?”

Klout, Egometrics, and 9 Symptoms of Shiny Algorithm Syndrome

January 9, 2012 Posted in Social Media by

Klout, Egometrics, and 9 symptoms of shiny algorithm syndrome.
If tech geeks suffer from susceptibility to “shiny object syndrome” (SOS), then social media lovers are just as prone to catch SAS: Shiny Algorithm Syndrome. With site after site popping up, purporting to rank, measure, and compare users on their social media influence, it’s inevitable that some will read way too much into their usefulness and consider the scores an end unto themselves.