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Original Content: Hunting the Internet’s Elusive Unicorn

January 4, 2012 Posted in Design, Internet, Motion Graphics, Social Media by

Original Content: Hunting the Internet's Elusive Unicorn
Original content is the Internet’s favorite illicit drug. Those online groups who claim to be the gatekeepers of all that is good, bad and truly ugly on the Internet covet it. You could sell it to the parents’ basement dwelling 4chan’ers or trade it to redditors looking for their next opportunity to karma-whore. So, what is original content and why should you, a reputable businessman or woman, be concerned with it?

3 Social Media Mistakes

August 2, 2011 Posted in Social Media by

3 Social Media Mistakes by Bright Oak

To be honest this list could be much longer, but these are the mistakes I see being made on a daily basis. I’m not just talking about midsized to large companies, but also the individuals and smaller businesses trying to gather an online following. And the moment I see these types of posts or tweets I can’t help but roll my eyes and sigh.

Why Tweeting is Becoming a Must — Twitter Integration with iOS 5

June 7, 2011 Posted in Mobile, Social Media by

Apple’s decision to integrate Twitter into the new iOS 5 will dramatically change apps, and most likely bring some changes to Twitter, too. Twitter has secured its position in the social media realm and traffic will surely increase. If there was any question whether or not to interact with potential customers via Twitter, you should have your answer now.

4 Tips for Producing Quality Content

May 25, 2011 Posted in Copywriting by

I read an article this week titled, “Creative Ideas for Writing Content” where the author listed a couple of lofty ideas to help his readers do one thing, write better. Unfortunately, the article could have been summed up by saying, “be more creative you boring dolt.” But that never works. Telling someone to think about the ocean differently doesn’t conjure inspiration.

Copy That Kills

April 2, 2011 Posted in Copywriting by

This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart since it’s a large part of what I do. And even though copy concerns nearly everyone, it hardly gets the attention required for clear, concise and meaningful content. It’s easy to get into this “churn and burn” mentality with work, where projects need to be completed before the deadline and the copy is left to the last minute. After all, it’s just a few sentences or paragraphs used to introduce a company, describe a product and fill up the blank spaces…right?

Growing Organic SEO

March 12, 2011 Posted in Design, Social Media by

The concept of Organic SEO isn’t based on environmentally friendly business operations or “green” resources that offset your carbon footprint. Organic SEO is a strategy to out smart the internet snake oil salesman. Don’t get me wrong, there are very reputable companies who can help you with how people search and find your company, but why not help yourself first?

The Social Media Revolution

March 12, 2011 Posted in Social Media by

Check out this incredible video by socialnomics about social media. This covers a question that I get asked rather frequently, “how long is Facebook going to be this popular?” or “Facebook won’t be around for ever, why should I be worried about it?”

Contacting Designers

March 12, 2011 Posted in Design by

Dealing with potential new clients can be frustrating, but this little overview by Sacha Greif at AttackofDesign about the “Do’s and Don’ts of Contacting Designers” may help you set up your own modus operandi. Typically, what we like to do is send potential clients a questionnaire covering most of the “Do’s” in this article.

Legal Guidelines to Keep in Mind

March 12, 2011 Posted in Design by

Making the jump to being a freelance designer has many benefits and drawbacks, but one thing that seems to always elude peoples thinking when making this leap are the legal guidelines you should follow.

Your Website vs. Your Social Media

December 24, 2010 Posted in Social Media by

The idea of social media marketing is growing in popularity, demanding new strategies and practices much the same way that search engine optimization altered online success. In an effort to identify the best practices and formulate new ideas, we will examine the relationship of your company’s website and your social media network.