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Five Cool (And Sometimes Creepy) Features You May Have Missed In iOS 5

November 16, 2011 Posted in Mobile by

We can all clearly see the sleeker notifications, the wireless syncing, and the improved maps that allows us to choose which route we take to sit in traffic for hours (writing from L.A. here), but who really read those 200 new features that flashed in front of the screen before anxiously hitting install? If you did read and have in fact explored all 200 of the new features, then no need to continue reading. But I’m going to assume most of us haven’t uncovered and experienced them all, so here is my list of five cool (and a few creepy) iOS 5 features you might have overlooked.

Three Social Media Lessons To Learn From Three Different Industries

October 17, 2011 Posted in Social Media by

As social media has become ubiquitous, every company out there is grappling with the best way to use it. Because every industry is different, with separate strengths and weaknesses, goals and areas of attention, there are standouts in each industry understanding how to communicate their business’ value proposition through social media.

Tackling The Question Of Social Media ROI: Change Your Goals

September 28, 2011 Posted in Social Media by

Let’s face it: one of the biggest challenges social media faces is the question of return on investment. If I funnel money to fund a social media campaign or presence, what will I get out of it? Bloggers and researchers struggle to quantify fans and followers, with research company Syncapse releasing a study that quantifies them somewhere in the hundreds of dollars.

Why Artists, Designers And Musicians Should Pay Attention To Social Media

September 9, 2011 Posted in Design, Internet, Social Media by

Here at Bright Oak, we’re big fans of both social media and design. It’s kind of our thing. But there’s a reason why creativity offline should be carried over into the online space, and it’s more than just the ability to make an extra buck. Proper attention and cultivation of an online presence can make a big difference.

3 Ways The Facebook Revamp Makes It A Teeny Bit Harder To Stalk

August 24, 2011 Posted in Internet, Social Media by

We’re rounding up what the changes really mean, and answering the questions you’re really thinking: Does this better help me avoid embarrassment and social creepiness? Good news, reluctant sharers: Facebook’s new changes are one teeny step towards a creeper-free future.

Foursquare Lists: What It Means And What We Want To See

August 17, 2011 Posted in Social Media by

Foursquare Lists: What It Means And What We Want To See by Bright Oak

Foursquare unveiled “Lists” yesterday, allowing users to curate and publicize, well, lists of locations. This may be a beneficial new feature, allowing users to gain street cred listing a handful of hidden eateries, rather than be defined by the twelve Starbucks check-ins a day.

Three Reasons to Get on the Google+ Bandwagon

August 9, 2011 Posted in Social Media by

Three Reasons to Get on the Google+ Bandwagon by Bright Oak

There’s no way around it: Google+ has taken the internet by storm. Already, smug “first generation” users are creating badges to mark their social media superiority, and it’s clear that unlike the ill-fated Wave or Buzz, Plus has some sticking power.